A Farm-to-Table Feast at 108 in Copenhagen

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When in Copenhagen, do as the Danes do. In this case, I’d heard amazing things about Copenhagen’s farm-to-table food scene. Although Noma had recently closed, I decided to look for other options. A natural choice, after a bit of research, was 108. Founded on the same farm-sourced principles, and founded by a Noma-trained chef, it seemed to be a solid choice to try one of Copenhagen’s famed restaurants.

The Restaurant

Along the vein of farm-to-table dining that has pervaded Copenhagen’s food scene for years, 108 is an exceptional place to go if you’re looking for a local fine dining experience. 108 was founded by Kristian Baumann, an apprentice of the renowned René Redzepi, who founded Copenhagen’s famous Noma. As you’d guess, this place was founded on some pretty high standards and a distinct legacy.

The Experience

Although I’d traveled to Copenhagen on a cheap flight deal, I decided to take an evening and treat myself with a few new friends. So, we decided to meet at 108 to enjoy a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine after a day of exploring the city.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately struck by how much natural light flowed in through the large windows. The interior boasts a minimalist-industrial aesthetic, with Edison-style lighting, copious amounts of space, and beautiful decor. Around us, young professionals and families sat engrossed in their conversations, laughing and dining as if at the family dining room table. We sat down at a long, picnic-style table and began to browse through the menu.

After looking through some of the options for small plates, we decided on a few dishes, including a fresh salad, some truffle mushrooms, and a glazed pork belly. Every aspect of the experience was so fantastic, from the beautiful slate-style tasting plates, to the delicious peppery wine recommendation that we ended up indulging in.

The plates came out with incredible artistry. Colors and textures blended together in the displays. Each plate had a strange but wonderful mix of flavors (pork belly with tart apples?! I never would have guessed…). The mixes of flavors graciously complemented each other, and I was surprised at how well they worked together.

The Bottom Line

Although I’ll be the first to say that I’m not the most experienced food connoisseur, I truly enjoyed my experience at 108. This was definitely a “YOLO” type of experience, with prices anywhere from $50-$150 per person, but if you’re looking for a fabulous dining experience at a Copenhagen staple, 108 is a fantastic choice.

The food there was incredibly delicious. The menu changes seasonally, so you’ll have to browse through the available items when you arrive and decide what to order. Next time you’re in Copenhagen and feeling like treating yourself to a worthwhile splurge, try out 108 for yourself.

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