About This Site

jetfarer (n.): a person who travels by jet

Much like the seafarers who battled the waves of the oceans, or the wayfarers who took to the roads, exploring on foot, a jetfarer is a modern-day explorer who aims to discover the world, one flight at a time. A jetfarer is always curious, always open-minded, always moving. Jetfarers go where the wind blows.

Contrary to popular belief, a jetfarer doesn’t have to be rich or jobless. They don’t have to have all the time in the world. The only thing a jetfarer needs is an ambition to travel, a source of income, and a willingness to get off the beaten path.

Jetfarer is the love child between a travel blog, an encyclopedia, and a storybook, aiming to help the average (or not-so-average) person see the world. We believe travel should be accessible, and we strive to inform, inspire, and ignite a serious case of wanderlust in our community. Whether you’re on a plane or in the comfort of your own home, Jetfarer’s goal is to transport you onto new and exciting adventures.

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About the Explorer-in-Chief

I didn’t realize when I took my first solo trip in 2011 that my love for travel would turn into an addiction. Yet, here I am, 6 years later, traveling more than ever and loving every second of it. Since I took that fateful trip, I’ve visited over 30 countries, eaten hundreds of street food dishes, and worn out dozens of pairs of shoes. I also started blogging in 2012, on my personal travel chronicle, The Kay Days.

This isn’t your typical travel blogger story. I never quit my job, sold my belongings, or roamed the world until I went broke (though maybe one day I’ll try it!). Travel has been an integral part of my life through its many stages. When I was a college student, I worked odd jobs and saved to travel during my school breaks. After graduating, I decided to begin working full-time in business, and took nearly every weekend to explore a new place, near or far. Now, I’m working in the media industry, traveling in my free time, and writing to share my experiences with you.

Some fun facts about me: Infinitely obsessed with Brazilian culture, Thai food, and Iceland’s landscapes. Love the mountains and the ocean. One time, I almost died traveling solo in Thailand. You can find me constantly chasing the next cheap flight deal.  I travel both on intuition and on impulse. So far, I’ve been to 33 countries on 5 continents. I run marathons and play ukulele. My wardrobe consists of bright colors and bold patterns. With me, there’s never a dull moment – I’m always on the go. Curious to know more? Read this post I wrote to introduce myself!

A Few Disclosures

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