A Visit to this Sunflower Field is the Perfect End to Summer

What better way to celebrate the end of summer than with a little bit of sunshine?

On a lazy Sunday morning, a few of us piled into my old Honda Accord for a spontaneous hour-long weekend road trip out of the Washington, DC area. The occasion? We wanted to celebrate the last weeks of summer warmth with a bit of sunshine.

Upon scouring the internet, we found a small, local farm in Virginia called Burnside Farms that boasted a sunflower field. Although the blooms usually happen earlier in the year, they finally arrived in August of this year. We ensured they were open (they were) and drove through the wooded roads of Virginia before arriving at the farm.

The Experience

When we arrived, we could see the sunflower fields from afar. There were hundreds of rows of flowers and a retail tent with local farm goods and sunflower-themed paraphernalia. Although we got there just 30 minutes after it opened, there were already several dozen cars in the lot.

Before entering, we walked up to the counter and paid the $6 per person entry fee. This included the use of the cutest sunflower-shaped umbrella ever, some snipping scissors, and a woven basket. After registering at the front, we walked through rows on rows of sunflower fields, snipping a few to take home (at $1.50 per stem). There are also other kinds of flowers in different shades of white, purple, and pink that you can cut and take home at various price points.

Despite the fact that there were a lot of people there, it didn’t feel too crowded, at least in the beginning. Maybe I was distracted by how stunningly beautiful the golden yellow sunflowers were. Or because my face was glued to my camera taking photos of everything. Le sigh…

Anyway, that day I ended up taking home about 4 flowers and purchasing a sunflower umbrella for myself. (Did I mention that it was the cutest umbrella I’d ever seen?!) There’s something so calming about spending a morning in a field of flowers. The whole time I was there, I felt so happy and relaxed. It’s quite possibly the best way to round out the summer – with one last splash of color.

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The Bottom Line

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Burnside Farms. I would go again, but would aim to get there right when it opens, as it got pretty crowded as the day progressed. On this visit, I went with my family and boyfriend and both of them enjoyed the experience in different ways. Although my sunflowers won’t last forever, the memories of this lazy end-of-summer Sunday certainly will.

General Information

  • Address: Burnside Farms (15441 Haymarket, Dr., Haymarket, VA 20169)
  • Hours: Daily 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Cost: $6 per person, plus whatever flowers and merchandise you purchase
  • Contact: Email Burnside Farms here

*    *    *

We have no outside affiliation with Burnside Farms. We simply had a great time and thought you’d enjoy our review of our experience. All opinions expressed here are our own – we’re just being our normal, authentic selves. 🙂

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