Do you want a platform to share your story with the world?

If so, AWESOME, because you’re welcome to contribute to Jetfarer!

We accept contributions in a couple of different ways – guest posts and interviews – depending on who you are and how you’re hoping to work with us! See below for a description of each.

Guest Posts

For bloggers who want to contribute to Jetfarer and link back to their own blogs, we accept guest posts in limited quantities each month. These will be 1,500+ words with 5+ photos (creative commons is okay), and include up to 3 links back to your site in the body of the post, one link back in your bio, and links to 2 social media networks of your choice.

We accept posts on the following topics:

  • Weekend itineraries
  • One-week itineraries
  • National parks/hiking guides
  • Working and traveling tips
  • Travel hacking tips
  • Packing lists
  • Specific travel experiences, e.g. a specific tour or experience in a destination

We do not accept:

  • Personal narratives, a la “Why Traveling Changed My Life”
  • Airport lounge, airplane, or hotel reviews
  • Restaurant reviews (food tours are fine)
  • Posts that have been comped in any way in exchange for money or goods/services
  • Guest posts from brands or companies (see our Work With Us page for more information!)

If you’re interested in guest posting for Jetfarer, please contact us.


If you’re looking to get the word out about a project you’re working on, or simply share your story with a wider audience, we’d love to interview you! We offer interviews to young professionals who are passionate about travel but also enjoy juggling it with their own careers. To put it clearly, this meansĀ people who are not professional (or aspiring) travel writers. We strongly prefer interviewing people who are not actively trying to promote a blog. To get a feel for what we’re looking for, you can see some of our past interviews here. Each interview consists of the same seven questions.

If you are interested in being interviewed (or know someone who would be a great fit!), contact us.