Introducing Real Talk: A No BS Op-Ed Travel Column

Overall, I’ve been trying to keep Jetfarer a little less personal and a little more guide and research-based. However, you might have been noticing that on almost every Wednesday, our posts have been a little bit more…personal. Perhaps you remember when I told you about how I almost died in Thailand, or how I didn’t really like Paris, or how I ate at a Michelin-starred restaurant while staying in a cheap hostel. I didn’t know if readers would like these, but I wanted to have a really candid and open dialogue with all of you about generally unspoken topics.

However, it turns out I was wrong. Every Wednesday, I’ve seen your emails, messages, and comments pour into my inboxes. After three months of posting, I am beginning to realize that you all actually kind of like these more personal, opinion-based posts. It seems like these more opinionated, sassy, kind of over-the-top personal posts really resonate with many of you. In fact, the Wednesday unpopular opinion pieces (or so I like to call them in my head) are actually some of my most popular posts to date.

Needless to say, I’m pretty flattered that you all like hearing the “me” part of this site come out. Not only that, but I’ve gotten a few requests for even more of this content.

So…I’ve heard you, and I’m answering.

Meet Real Talk, Our Newest (and Sassiest) Column

After hearing your requests, I’ve decided to take off the rosy-eyed travel sunglasses for one post each week and bring you some personal thoughts on the future of travel, career, and life as a young professional. What fun is Jetfarer if we don’t have a point of view on anything?

So, from now on, every Wednesday, you can expect a thought-provoking, op-ed style piece on a current issue in career, finance, or travel (or all three!). Think New Yorker meets Teen Vogue meets Lonely Planet, with a little bit of The Onion’s satire sassiness in there as well. Stubborn. Opinionated. No BS. #NoFilter. This is Real Talk on Jetfarer, and we’re not messing around.

Real Talk is as unfiltered as this selfie I took in my tent

I’ll be writing these in first-person and share a few of my personal travel experiences in them as well. Funny, infuriating, inspiring, terrifying… I can only promise you one thing: our words will be genuine. Through this, I hope to say the things that other travelers are afraid to talk about. There are no taboos in this space.

Don't Ask Me Where I'm 'Really From'

In response to these posts, I’d love to hear your thoughts in our comments section – whether you agree, disagree, or have a completely different view on the topic altogether. These are meant to be informative, yes, but I’m also hoping to stir some discussion and good-natured debate through them as well. Don’t be afraid to challenge what I’ve said in any article or tell me I’m wrong. That’s what this is for!


I’ll be scouring the internet (via Reddit, Facebook groups, and other blogs) and my personal networks to come up with topics that you all care about. If you have any topics or questions you want me to cover, shoot an email to to get the conversation going. Some future topics I’m thinking of covering include diversity, solo female travel, what it’s like to save money when your friends want to go out, traveler microaggressions, and more. Instead of photoshopped images and matter-of-fact guides, you’ll probably see more phone selfies, memes, and embarrassing photos. With this, you can probably expect some cheeky headlines and punchy social media posts to go along with them.

So, Are You Ready to Start the Conversation?

If so, shoot us your thoughts in the comments below, or via a message on our Facebook page. Can’t wait to share some awesome conversations with you curious, lovely readers. Until next Wednesday!

xoxo, Kay

Kay is a full-time media professional located in Washington DC who takes every spare day of time to travel the world. In the last year alone, she's visited over 10 different countries and taken a dozen short trips in between. You can typically find her wandering the streets of a city, taking ridiculous self portraits, or hiking a mountain somewhere. Connect with Kay: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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