A Weekend in A Tiny House (Anywhere in the World!)

A weekend getaway in a tiny house provides a unique and cozy place to unwind.

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In the rush of the typical professional’s life, it can be easy to feel burned out at the end of the week. This can make traveling for an entire weekend feel stressful and exhausting, even if it’s supposed to be enjoyable. However, there’s a way to travel for a weekend, try a new way of living, and still come back refreshed and rejuvenated — staying in a tiny house! If you’re looking for an unconventional way to escape for a weekend anywhere in the world, a trip to a tiny house can be a fantastic way to unwind.

First of All…WTF Is A Tiny House?

A tiny house is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a full home built into a small space. Usually 250 square feet or less, the allure of tiny homes is how brilliant their use of space is. Despite their small size, these homes almost always come with all of the typical home amenities, including a full-queen size bed, a kitchen, sitting areas, and a bathroom.

Besides seeming like cute novelty getaway cabins, there’s actually an extremely passionate community of people around the world looking to downsize their homes and lives. Living in a tiny home takes an incredible amount of discipline, since the small spaces require a level of minimalism that is often difficult to achieve.

While many tiny homes are inhabited full-time by people who have this minimalist lifestyle, there are a growing number in a variety of locations that are available to rent for an unconventional weekend getaway. Spending a weekend in a tiny home is a low-key way to unwind without feeling the pressure to jam-pack your days with activities.

How to Find a Tiny House


By far, Airbnb is the easiest way to find a tiny house to stay in for the weekend. There are several options within driving distance of most US cities (and some even exist inside of cities!) However, it can be tricky to find a true tiny home to stay in on the listings. For this I like to rely pretty heavily on the search bar, available photos, and the descriptions.

To find a tiny house Airbnb near you, just type “tiny house in X” into the search bar and make sure the right-hand map is adjusted for your desired driving distance. The listings should auto update when you move and zoom on the map.

Then, to make sure the listing is actually a tiny house (and not an apartment, or a room in a cabin, or something else), click through some of the photos.

This is definitely a tiny house!

After that, you can simply book your weekend trip for however many days or nights you’d like to stay in the house. Once you book, make sure you don’t need to bring anything else (like extra linens or cooking supplies). Typically you don’t need to do this with an Airbnb, but it’s always good to double check!

Tiny House Hotels

There are also an increasing number of tiny house hotels/hotel services that pop up every year, all over the United States and the world. I’ve heard wonderful things about Getaway.House, a tiny house rental service with locations near DC, New York City, and Boston. The rental comes with a fully-stocked private tiny home with a kitchenette, a bathroom, a bed, and a large window. They even allow dogs to join!

If you’re looking for more information on finding tiny house hotels, check out this post on a few neat ones around the world.

How to Make the Most of a Tiny House Weekend

Acquaint Yourself With the Tiny House

One of the most fascinating things about tiny houses are how they are built to maximize space. When you first arrive at your tiny house, take some time to explore it! A lot of times, there are many nooks and crannies and hidden storage spaces that are really unique and clever. Within the tiny house we stayed in, there were so many clever contraptions to make living in tiny spaces easier.

In addition to learning about how the house works, it’s important to acquaint yourself because sometimes things work differently in a tiny house. In ours, there was a composting toilet (we’d never used one before!) and a unique shower situation. Usually, the host will leave instructions on anything unusual, but it’s good to give them a try yourself.

Set Some Ground Rules

If you’re traveling with a buddy or significant other, it’s important to set some ground rules since space is so incredibly limited. For example, decide early on what your rules on electronics will be. Is there a time for “lights out”? Or a time when all sounds must be turned off? Where can people use the phone?

This might sound silly, but because the space is so small, all lights and sounds can be seen and heard throughout the house. If you set ground rules with your travel companions early-on, you can make sure everyone’s needs are met throughout the course of the weekend.

Explore the Surrounding Area


As with any weekend trip, it’s important to take time outside of your house to explore the surrounding area, whether it’s a mountainous or forested region or an urban environment. Our tiny home was in Chapel Hill, so of course while we were there we ventured out for some hiking, exploring, and eating some North Carolina BBQ! Our tiny home was also located on the farm, which I would imagine is really interesting to explore during the summer when livestock and the gardens are buzzing with life.

Of course, your options depend on where you are staying. You can check out some of our other weekend guides for inspiration for wherever you might be! Or, you could simply take it easy and kick back in the coziness of the tiny house.

Enjoy Doing Nothing


As full-time professionals, we sometimes get so crunched for time during the week that it’s hard to disconnect and unwind. If you’re feeling like you need to rejuvenate and relax, just hang out in the house! A lot of times there are cute sleeping loft nooks and spacious seating areas to kick back and read a book, watch some TV, have a makeshift spa day, and sleep. Visiting a tiny home is the perfect weekend getaway in itself, and can be a perfect place to completely disconnect and refresh after a long week.

Why Tiny Houses?

One of the most weird and wonderful things about travel is the ability to try out a different culture or a different way of life temporarily, much like trying out a new workout class or a pair of shoes. Staying in a tiny house gives you a sneak peek into the world of minimalism and tiny living, something that many people are extremely passionate about. If you’re looking for a unique way to spend a weekend (without feeling overwhelmed), a tiny house might just be the perfect place for you to rest your mind and body.

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Have you ever stayed in a tiny house? What did you think?

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