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I’m so thrilled you’re stumbled upon our site. Founded in 2017, Jetfarer is a travel site dedicated to bringing together a community of ambitious, travel-loving young professionals and helping them see the world. By maximizing our vacation days, meeting up with locals, and taking responsible risks, we’re making away around the world, one amazing, offbeat adventure at a time.

If you’re new to the site, check out a few of these pages to familiarize yourself:

  • What is Jetfarer, and who is this crazy chick who runs it? Check out our About Jetfarer page to learn more about how this all came to be. And if you want to know more about me, the crazy Editor-in-Chief, here’s my intro post.
  • Can you give me travel advice for [DESTINATION]? We’ve got a wide variety of travel tips on our site! Head on over to our Destinations Page to see if we’ve covered it.
  • Do you have any travel guides we can print out to take on a trip? Yes, but save some trees! Sign up for our emails (below) and you’ll get access to our awesome, comprehensive Screenshot Travel Guides.
  • What are some projects other Jetfarers are working on around the world? Jetfarers around the world are doing some pretty awesome stuff. Learn more about them on our Jetfarers at Large interview series.
  • Can I contribute or be featured on Jetfarer? Yes! If you have a story you’d like to share, head to our Contribute page to learn more and get in touch.
  • How can I talk to and meet other Jetfarers? Head on over to our Facebook group and introduce yourself!

When we started Jetfarer, we knew that we wanted this site to be about the community of incredible full-time professionals – like YOU – who are doing amazing things around the world. Of course, there’s loads of stuff on the site to get you started. However, to help you see more of the world around you, and connect with other like-minded Jetfarers, we’re putting together a set of AWESOME travel resources, including our never-before-seen Screenshot Travel Guides.

As a member of the Jetfarer community, you’ll get FREE access to:

  • Our exclusive library of Screenshot Travel Guides – Created by us for the full-time professional on the go, these phone screen guides are the perfect travel companion for offline international travel. You can’t get these anywhere else but here!
  • Our comprehensive Travel Resources page – Want to know how we found $116 round trip flights to Cuba? Or how we scored amazing beach front digs in Rio de Janeiro? We share all of our favorite resources for finding deals, planning travel and more on our Travel Resources page.
  • Our Jetfarer Travel Community – In our Jetfarers-only Facebook group, you can meet and talk to other Jetfarers around the world, get personalized travel tips, and more.
  • FREE SWAG! – Because who doesn’t like free swag? We have some awesome goodies to send you in the near future, and you’ll be the first to hear about our giveaways, too.
  • First dibs on curated emails with behind-the-scenes travel stories, beautiful photos, new products and more!

All you have to do is sign up below with your email address!

What are you waiting for? Join the Jetfarer community now!

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Kay is a full-time working professional located in Washington DC who takes every spare vacation day to get outside and explore the world. When she travels, she loves visiting the most iconic and naturally beautiful destinations in the USA and abroad. You can typically find her wandering the streets of a city, running through a park, taking ridiculous self portraits, or hiking a mountain somewhere. Connect with Kay: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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